Down from 203 to 136 with the
7-SecondĀ  Blue Tonic...

A few months ago, I topped out at 203.

Screen Shot 2024-06-23 at 21.56.33

But yesterday at my appointment the nurse weighed me in at 136.

My doctor was surprised and said he was very proud of me, I burst into tears because...

it reminded me of all the successes and failures I experienced throughout this journey...

I used to eat healthy and walk a few miles a day, but it didn't help.

My largder self stayed the same, and

I thought nothing would even work for me. Until...

My doctor friend Mark passed me a note and shared with me the simple 7-Second "Blue Tonic" that

kick started my metabolic system into overdrive... locking my body into its 24/7 "burning" mode.

The new me

Screen Shot 2024-06-23 at 21.56.40

I didn't expect the transformation I've achieved. It's nothing short of incredible.

And I only had to change ONE ingredient!

In just a few weeks, a "new me" emerged, after I learned how to trigger my metabolic hormones to slim-down.

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